Dec 312016

1995 Geo MetroWhere do I locate the brain/computer? I need the computer location.


Engine Computer Location

The ECM/PCM in 1995 and newer models is located behind the glove box.

Computer Location Diagram

What is an Engine Computer?

The PCM/ECM works by receiving inputs from various sensors, comparing the information received, and making the necessary corrections. The output side of the computer actually supplies ground to the majority of the components. By controlling how long the component is grounded. In conclusion the computer is able to make all the necessary corrections. For example the pulse width of the injector(s).

Engine Computer Replacement

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. Locate the ECM/PCM.
    • A.On models through 1994, the ECM is located on the drivers side of the vehicle. It is behind and below the instrument panel.
    • B.On 1995 and newer models the ECM/PCM is located behind the glove box.
  3. Remove the attaching hardware from the module.
  4. Disconnect the electrical connectors.
  1. Connect the electrical connectors.
  2. Mount the module and screw into place.
  3. Connect the negative battery cable.
Jun 082016

1993 GEO PrizmSo, about 1-2 months ago, my car started cutting out on acceleration. I noticed a bit of electrical power loss when idling. There was a sound coming from the engine that sounded like the belt squealing when I would turn the wheel but would stop when the engine warmed up. Then the battery died one day for no apparent reason. Now the engine is cutting out a lot more and there is a chirping noise and the squealing doesn’t stop when the car is warmed up. What could it be and where should I start to fix this problem?


The belts make squealing noises. This can be from exposure to coolant or a pulley or belt seizing. I would remove the belt and check to see if the pulleys are seized, possibly the alternator since you have been having battery issues. Low voltage will impact the engines ability to run properly.

Jul 252015

My car starts up easily in the am. But if I drive it 5 miles or more and ki it to go in the store and start it back up it spins over and over and eventually it will start. Also it idles real rough is coughs and sputters it only has 116,000 mi on it. I filled up the gas tank the other day ($25) and it only went 113 mi til empty. Sometimes it won’t idle enuf to keep it run ing and sometimes, like today at the drive thru it idled up so high I thought it would just take off. I have replaced the fuel pump, battery, all the fluids, check engine life comes on and off. Mostly on. now my mechanic Wants to put on a new computer and a sensor? Help! I only paid $750 for the car but have spent almost that much on repairs. Please help. I was married to mechanic for 24 years but he had kids with his exwife during our marriage so I can’t take my car to him for advice….lol.

Nov 072014

Why would my car/engine start shaking badly right after braking hard for a red light? It shook once i came to a complete stop only. it did not shake before. is something major going out soon. it freaked me out. thought my car was done for. help!

Dec 022010

just bought a 1997 geo tracker and when you start the car the ignition coil fuse blows and now it cranks but w on’t start, I have the hot wire it blows out the fuse plus the other problem is it blew out the computer, there was a burning smell.  I looked at the wires at the fuse box and there was no problem.  is there a way to fix it without fixing the whole problem, don’t want to take the dash board out, the car is supposed to leave for out of the country tommorow and would like a quick fix, if there is one, thansk