Aug 302011

i have a car that i just posted about that is in the shop for the 3rd time for the same problem.. the place has a warranty of 12 months/ 12,000 miles.. BUT.. i am wondering if the car is still having the same exact problem that i brought it into the place the 1st time.. they have been well paid over $2,000.. if they come up with it being a different fix than what was originally fixed.. do i have to pay.. i don’t think i should have to.. they said head gasket..they fixed.. i paid.. now it’s still having the same exact problem ??

what i am really asking is.. if it turns out to be a different cause and was not the head gasket like they said and like i paid for.. i want to know if i would have to pay for something new to get fixed.. if it turns out they fixed the wrong thing??.. it’s having the same exact problem as when i 1st went to them.. and after paying them good $$ why should i have to pay again for a different fix ??

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  1. If you paid for something and that which you paid for has failed then yes, it should be covered…

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