Jan 202019

Pontiac Grand Prix

Transmission Problem

Description of Problem: I took my 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix to a machanic in Greenville, Texas. It took him about 1 month to have it so called fixed, I drove it home and it seemed fine. It sat for maybe 2 weeks to get the money to have it tagged and inspected.
Well it started slipping again, check the fluid and it’s OK. No leaks, return it back to machanic and he says after having it 2weeks thru the holidays that he would check the filter which I don’t understand why a new wasn’t put on at time of repair.
Anyway while driving sometimes it it won’t shift, and then sometimes it won’t go into gear at all. I have to pull over shut it off and sit a second, then restart it to get it to go.
Any suggestions??? Help please

A clogged transmission filter or faulty transmission solenoid would be my first guess.

Jan 182019

Trying to change the starter. can only see 1 bolt holding the starter on. the engine side of the starter is hidden by a cross member. It has some holes that may let me see the other bolt, I’m hoping. Gonna have to jack it up higher to see. what do you think?

3.1L Engine Starter Removal

*NOTE – Upon removal of starter, note if any shims are used. They should be reinstalled in their original location during installation if shims are used.

If starter is noisy during cranking, remove one .015 inch double shim or add one .015 inch single shim to the outer bolt. If starter makes a high pitched whine after firing, add .015 inch double shims until noise ceases.

3.1L Engine (VIN M)

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. Raise and safely support the vehicle.
  3. Remove the starter mounting bolts and lower the starter until the solenoid wiring is accessible.
  4. Disconnect the electrical leads.
  5. Remove the starter.

To install:

  1. Install the starter.
  2. Connect the electrical leads to the starter.
  3. Install the starter mounting bolts and tighten to 32 ft. lbs. (43 Nm).
  4. Lower the vehicle.
  5. Connect the negative battery cable.


3.1L Engine (VIN T)

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. Raise and safely support the vehicle.
  3. If equipped, remove the nut from the brace at the air conditioning compressor.
  4. If equipped, remove the nuts from the starter-to-engine brace.
  5. Remove the drain pan under the engine oil pan.
  6. Disconnect the oil pressure sending unit electrical connector and remove sending unit.
  7. Remove the oil filter.
  8. Take out the bolts from the flywheel inspection cover and then the inspection cover.
  9. Remove the bolts from the starter motor.
  10. Remove the starter motor and any shims.
  11. Disconnect the starter motor electrical connectors.

To install:

  1. Connect the starter motor electrical connectors.
  2. Install the starter motor and any shims.
  3. Install the starter motor attaching bolts. Tighten to 32 ft. lbs. (43 Nm).
  4. Install the flywheel inspection cover and attaching bolts.
  5. Install the oil filter.
  6. Attach the oil pressure sending unit. Connect the electrical wire.
  7. Bolt on the drain pan.
  8. Install the nuts to the starter-to-engine brace.
  9. Install the nut to brace at the air conditioner compressor.
  10. Lower the vehicle.
  11. Connect the negative battery cable.
  12. Check the engine oil level, add as required.
Jan 162019

door ajar switch location diagram

Door Ajar Light On

The most likely reason for the light to be illuminated would be from the door ajar switch failing. It is a common failure part do to use and age.

According MotorDriven the door jam switch is the door ajar switch(shown above). However, ChiltonLibrary would explain that the door ajar switch is attached to the side of the door latch. Mitchell1 Manual  refers to the door ajar switch as part of the door lock actuator(latch). If you look up the latch from Dorman 746-148 it does not have the door ajar switch(2001).

I know from personal experience on a 2002 Ford Ranger, the door ajar switch is mounted on the side of the Door Lock Latch. If you look up the latch from Dorman 746-148 it does not have the door ajar switch. Only thing I can figure is there is an early model and late model Ranger. Therefore determine which switch location you have before replacing the switch.

Door Ajar Switch

Removal and Installation

  • Remove the front door latch. For additional information, refer to Front Door Latch in this section.
  • Remove the door ajar switch.
    • Lift the locking tab.
    • Rotate and remove the door ajar switch.


  • To install, reverse the removal procedure.
Jan 142019

Pontiac Firebird

I have a Chevy 350 that I want to put in my firebird.. would it bolt up to it? It’s the 5 speed transmission. Thanks

Yes. The 1987 Pontiac Firebird actually came with the 350 engine as an option. Even though most of the 5 speed Firebird Trans Ams came with a 305 engine, they are virtually identical. The 350 will bolt right in place of the 305 with ease.

shift solenoid is leaking 2009 Dodge avenger 2.4L

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Jan 112019

Dodge Avenger

My shift solenoid is leaking out all of my transmission fluid, I have replaced the gasket but it still leaks, what should I do?

Shift solenoid is leaking

You will need to inspect to see exactly where the leak is coming from. The cover may be damaged. The gasket may not be sealed. The transmission may be cracked. Look where the bolts get tightened for cracks as well.

*Note – Fluid does not travel uphill.

The Solenoid/Pressure Switch Assembly (1)>>> is external to the transaxle and mounted to the transaxle case. The assembly consists of four solenoids that control hydraulic pressure to the LR/CC, 2/4, OD, and UD friction elements. The reverse clutch is controlled by line pressure from the manual valve in the valve body. The solenoids are contained within the Solenoid/Pressure Switch Assembly, and can only be serviced by replacing the assembly.

The solenoid assembly also contains pressure switches that monitor and send hydraulic circuit information to the PCM/TCM. Likewise, the pressure switches can only be service by replacing the assembly.

Transmission Solenoid Switch Assembly

Dec 212018

Buick Lesabre

Intermittently, when I turn the key to start the car, nothing happens for a second then the starter engages and the car starts and runs fine. Changed starter, coil packs and swapped relays for ignition also had charging system and battery tested all fine. It can go for days between incidents.

Unfortunately intermittent problems are difficult for anyone to diagnose.  Only when it will not start can you try to test and diagnose the issue.

Dec 212018

Battery light is on. Checked alternator, battery and wires. They are working properly. Not sure what to check next

Check the Belt and tensioner assembly. The battery light comes on when the battery is not being charged. This can be from the alternator not working. Bad connections to the battery or alternator.  A bad cell in the battery. If you are seeing that the alternator is charging, my guess would be the battery is faulty or you have a blown fuse.

Dec 212018

Is the replacement of the drive belt idler pulley on 1994 Volvo 960 L2.9 a do-or-yourself job? I have a belt detentioner and basic mechanical skills. The pulley seems accessible on front of block. Single bolt. Any pitfalls?

Serpentine Drive Belt, Replace

1. Rotate or lift the belt tensioner arm, using a suitable tool to relieve tension from drive belt.
2. Remove the drive belt.
3. Clean pulleys and inspect for any bent or damaged pulleys.
4. Reverse procedure to install.