Jan 172020

Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

My right turn signal works fine the left turn signal wont. It makes all the lights flashers tag light dashboard lights even the radio flash like emergency flashers. I have replaced all bulbs, flasher fuse and the blinker assembly in the steering column and it still does the same thing please help.

This is not a common issue. There is a wire that is crossed. If there has been recent work done, start there first and recheck the work. Look at aftermarket installation of radio, remote starters, etc.  The next step would be to try a replacement multi-function switch(turn signal switch). There may be internal damage in the switch causing the issue. And this is a common failure component.

Turn Signal Switch Replacement

  1. Disconnect battery ground cable.
  2. Remove steering wheel as outlined under “Steering Wheel, Replace” procedure.
  3. Using a screwdriver, pry cover from housing.
  4. Using lock plate compressing tool No. J-23653, or equivalent, compress lock plate, and pry snap ring from groove on shaft, Fig. 1. Slowly release lock plate compressing tool, then remove tool and lock plate from shaft end.
    J-23653 Tool
  5. Slide canceling cam and upper bearing preload spring from end of shaft.
  6. Remove turn signal (multi-function) lever.
  7. Remove hazard warning knob retaining screw, button, spring and knob.
  8. Then Remove pivot arm.
  9. Wrap upper part of electrical connector with tape to prevent snagging of wires during switch removal.
  10. Remove switch retaining screws and pull switch up from column, guiding wire harness through column.
  11. Reverse procedure to install.

Turn signal wiring diagram


Jan 172020

Cadillac Deville

Do I just have to get a new key with the same resistance to get past the anti-theft system.

Yes and No. You can also take apart the key and tumbler and add a resistor in between the two contact wires that used to contact the sides of the ignition key. Use a voltmeter to find the resistance of the ignition key resistor. Pick up an Resistor of same value at Radio Shack. Solder the resistor between the two wires and your all set. No more ignition key with a chip needed.

How to check your resistor with a meter

Jan 172020

Can I install a block heater pad directly on the engine?

Block Heater Pad

A block heater pad heats up the engine parts for quicker starts in cold climates. It achieves this by warming the fluids inside the engine thus improving the flow of the fluids.

You will want to install it on a flat smooth surface. Place it on the engine oil pan. Most of the heating pads have a peel and stick installation. Make sure to clean the surface of any oil or dirt before applying.


Jan 172020


I am replacing my timing belt. First I put the engine at top dead center for cylinder 1. Then I marked the positions of the crankshaft cog and the camshaft cog with paint and removed the old belt. However, when I go to put the new belt on, the white lines on the belt that are supposed to line up with the factory markings on the camshaft cog and the crankshaft cog do not line up precisely. Additionally the belt seems to be a little loose on the side without the tensioner pulley so it can’t be tightened with the tensioner pulley.

The white lines on the belts would appear to line up with the cog markings if I rotated the crankshaft cog one tooth clockwise, but if I did that then the lines I painted on the cogs before I removed the old belt would no longer line up. What is more important to line up? The white lines on the belt with the factory markings on the cogs? or the marks I painted on the cogs indicating their positions with respect to the block before I removed the old belt?

Timing Belt

The factory marks are the most important. However you know the old belt was on correctly and the engine was running as it should. You also did the right thing by marking the belt before you took it off. Mark the new belt using the marks from the old belt. Install the new belt using the marks you just put on the new belt and it will be exactly the way the old one came off. And once you release the tensioner it will all line up the way it should.

Next rotate the engine a few times and check that the factory marks line up. The belt may seem off or loose until the tensioner is tightened against the belt.


Jan 172020


I need someone to look at a snapshot of my car and see what is the part that f—ing up my vibe.

vw suspension

Looks like you have a huge hole in the tire for one.

Difficult to tell from the picture but could be the Transverse Link part of the lower control arm. Or possibly the trailing arm. I will go ahead and post this in case someone else might have a better idea of what this looks like.

Jan 172020

2006 Mazda 6

Performing the following procedures without first removing the ABS wheel-speed sensor may possibly cause an open circuit in the wiring harness if pulled by mistake. Before performing the following procedures, disconnect the ABS wheel speed sensor connector (axle side) and fix the wiring harness to an appropriate place where it will not be pulled by mistake while servicing vehicle.

Purchase CV Axle shaft – 2006 Mazda 6, 3.0L

CV Axle Shaft Replacement

  1. Raise and support vehicle and support it with safety stands in proper locations.
  2. Remove wheel nuts and front wheels.
  3. On models equipped with manual transaxle, drain transaxle oil in suitable container.
  4. On all models, remove wheel hub locknut. Install spare nut onto driveshaft so that nut is flush with end of driveshaft.
  5. Tap nut with copper hammer to loosen driveshaft from front wheel hub.
  6. Separate driveshaft from wheel hub. The sharp edges of the joint shaft can slice or puncture oil seal. Use care when removing joint shaft from transaxle.
  7. Remove nut from tie-rod end.
  8. Then Remove bolt, washer and nut from dampner fork.
  9. Remove nut from lower control arm ball joint.
  10. Disconnect ABS wheel speed sensor.
  11. Remove tie-rod and ball joint.
  12. Remove bolt, washer, and nut from lower ball joint arm.
  13. Then Remove stabilizer control link nut.
  14. Remove joint shaft bracket bolt.
  15. Remove joint shaft.
  16. Disconnect joint shaft bracket from cylinder block and remove joint shaft. The sharp edges of the joint shaft can slice or puncture oil seal. Use care when removing joint shaft from transaxle.
  17. Install a new driveshaft clip using suitable tool into driveshaft clip groove. Clip opening must be facing up and clip width must be 31.2 mm (11.23. inch).
  18. Reverse procedure to install, noting the following:

a. Torque lower control arm dampner nuts to 47 ft. lbs.

b. Torque tie-rod end ball joint nut to 33 ft. lbs.

c. Torque front lower ball joint nut to 38 ft. lbs.

d. Torque joint axle shaft bracket bolts to 39 ft. lbs.

e. Torque wheel lug nuts to 80 ft. lbs.

f. Torque stabilizer control link nut to 37 ft. lbs.

g. Torque wheel hub nut to 195 ft. lbs.

CV Shaft Replacement Video

Jan 162020

Chevy C1500

No brake lights but do have the turn signal lights so it’s not the bulb. I thought it was the switch and bought one. Went to install it but my 73 yr joints don’t bend like they used to. Today I noticed when I apply the brakes with cruise control on it disengages. So it must not be the switch. Next, I’ll check the connection between cab and bed. Hope that’s it but I figured I check with here first.

There is a Stop Light Relay in the circuit that you might want to check. It is much easier to swap out and test. It is located in the underhood fuse/relay center. It is pretty common for the relays to fail. The relay is activated by the brake light switch. So if the brake light switch is good and the wiring, the next step would be to check the brake light relay and Fuse #2(30 amp).

1995 Chevy 1500 Stop Light Relay wiring diagram


Jan 162020

Chevy C1500

Truck won’t upshift from 1 to 2 without taking my foot off of the gas then it shifts normally, up and down. Kicks into passing ok. Don’t think there is a vacuum modular on this model.

This is an electronic solenoid valve body. The VSS – Vehicle Speed Sensor and Throttle signals are used to determine shift points. There may be an issue with the shift valve also. You should check to see if any codes are stored and post the codes if any are present.

Possible code set: P0751

Chevy Code P0751: 1-2 Shift Solenoid Valve Performance

Code P0751 Description

The 1-2 shift solenoid (SS) valve controls the fluid flow acting on the 1-2 and 3-4 shift valves. The solenoid is a normally-open exhaust valve. With the 2-3 SS valve, the 1-2 SS valve allows four different shifting combinations.

When the VCM detects a 1-1-4-4 or a 2-2-3-3 shift pattern, depending on the state of the mechanical failure, then DTC(Diagnostic Trouble Code) P0751 sets. DTC P0751 is a type A DTC.

Conditions for Running the DTC

  • No TP sensor DTC P0122 or P0123
  • No VSS assembly DTC P0502 or P0503
  • No TCC solenoid valve DTC P0740
  • No TCC stuck ON DTC P0742
  • No 1-2 Shift Solenoid Valve DTC P0753
  • No 2-3 SS valve DTC P0758
  • No 3-2 SS valve assembly DTC P0785
  • No TFP manual valve position switch DTC P1810
  • No TCC PWM solenoid valve DTC P1860
  • The gear range is D4
  • The vehicle speed is greater than 5 mph
  • The TP angle is 10-35%
  • The TP angle is constant within +/- 7%
  • The VCM commands a 1-2, 2-3 and 3-4 shift
  • The TCC is commanded ON
  • The engine speed is greater than 450 RPM for 5 seconds
  • The transmission fluid temperature is 68-266F Degrees
  • The engine is not in fuel cutoff


Code P0751 Testing


Jan 142020


My radio is not turning on at all unless i disconnect my battery for 30 minutes at least then it will shut off after 15 minutes and my A/C buttons aren’t working either of course unless i disconnect the battery

First of all make sure you are testing with a new and or fully charged  good battery. A weak battery will do some strange things.

Found a little bit of information on this. There seems to be quite a few G35s with the same problem. Some have claimed replacing a micro card as it was not able to read it. Others claimed they took the radio apart and found resistors had come loose and needed to be soldered back into place. One stated that ejecting the CD from the forward player reset the radio itself. And most claimed simply replacing the radio did the trick. 2007 – 2009 models should be the same. Radio part number jk61c or jk63c should work.

No radio or A/C Controls

Source: https://g35driver.com/forums/g35-sedan-v36-2007-08/454220-2007-g35-sedan-no-radio-c-controls-don-t-work-navigation-don-t-work.html