Jul 092019

Honda Civic

I have a tapping sound. I thought it was rod bearing but checked the inside of the cylinder I was getting misfire from. And with an endoscope I seen a slight valve mark on the top of the head. Biggest thing is that is runs fine most the time just sometimes it gets sluggish and wants to die and throws the misfire code. If its just the valve spring is it OK to replace it with the head on and will it still be OK. It looks like the mark is on top of the carbon build up and doesn’t look bad.

Timing Belt! Timing Belt! Timing Belt!

Did I mention Timing Belt, lol. Labor time for the timing belt on a1.7 L engine is about 2.7 hrs. I would recommend replacing the water pump at the same time.

To answer your question about the valve spring, Yes. You can replace the valve spring without removing the cylinder head.

Jul 032019

 Honda CRV

My 2011 Honda CRV EX AWD started making knocking sound on bumpy roads from the driver’s side front wheel. Also, the front used to vibrate at speeds of around 25 to 30 mph and goes away when I accelerate. I replaced both Front Sway Stabilizer Bar End Links. The vibration remained the same and the knocking sound went away for less than a week but then returned again with now strong knocking sound from the same area on bumpy roads and now also when making left turns or slight left adjustments on straight roads. The knocking sound is less or not heard when turning at a very slow speed. Sometimes you hear a knock when I sit in the driver seat but not all the times. No knocking sound when I make any right turns. Please note that the car has newer tires and the brakes and rotors were replaced a few months before this situation developed.
What do you think is the issue hear? I read about Ball Joints, CV Joints and Tie Rods. Please advise.

My initial guess would be a strut related issue for the knocking. However you may have two separate issues here. One would be the knocking noise and the other the vibration.


Generally with a vibration that comes and goes with accelerating is tire related. This is most often due to the tires being out of balance but can also be caused by a busted belt in the tire. A quick test can be done by rotating both front tires to the rear. Then test drive again to see if the vibration seems to moves. Usually the vibration is felt in the steering wheel if the front tires are at fault. And felt in the seat when the rear tires are at fault.


Diagnosing a noise can be difficult. Here an article I wrote they may be helpful.

  • https://freeautomechanic.com/auto-repair.html

One thing you can do. With the car in park, engine off, push on the front end to simulate a bouncing movement. Listen for the knocking noise. You may ask a friend to assist so that one is bouncing the front end and the other is listening for the noise. Then investigate further once the area is problem area is discovered.

Jun 282019

2007 Honda Odessy

My van seems to have a longer than normal crank time before if finally starts. I’ve tried to cycle the key several times to pressure up the fuel system before engaging the starter…. same result. It starts the same whether the engine is cold or hot. Could this be a crank or cam position sensor issue? If so, how do I check it/them? The Check Engine light is not on.

Another diagnostic is to press the gas pedal a little while cranking. If that works, the cause could be the idle air control valve (blocked) or a dirty throttle body (choking off the air supply).
Other causes of a slow start are dirty fuel injectors (insufficient fuel flow) or worn spark plugs, as you already mentioned. Bad gas cannot be ruled out; fuel up at a top tier station.
Lastly, always listen for the fuel pump when you turn the key on. If you don’t hear it, the main FI relay could be flaky or the immobilizer is wrongly blocking fuel delivery.
Source: Dave
Jun 272019

2006 Chevy Silverado

2006 Chevy Silverado extended cab, 4×4 5.3L v8 with flex fuel would turn over, but not start or die immediately. Looked online and said to disconnect battery and turn key to run a couple time. Vehicle started after, however windows, AC and radio still do not work. Tried two different BCM’s and did not fix the problem. Also looked for the master fuse, however, even though there is a slot for one, it is not installed. The fuse diagram shows it, however it is outlined in dashes, which I take to mean there may not be one equipped. Am I correct on that? Also any ideas on what else could be causing the issue? Could sure use the advice, it’s my sons truck and he just started working

Fisrt I like to check the each system curcuit for anything that is common.

  • Air Conditioning fuses – hvac 1, hvac/ecas, blwr, IGN E, a/c comp, ign B, stud#1, htr a/c, blower – Ground G203, G200, G104 – HVAC Control Module and BCM
  • Windows only get power from BCM. No fuses involved. Ground- G306, G305
  • Radio – radio fuse, radio amp,  powered thorugh BCM – Ground from G203


So you are right in thinking BCM as this is the common between these systems. The BCM Has several fuses TBC ASSY, TBC IGN 0, TBC IGN 1,  TBC 2C, TBC 2A and TBC BATT

Fuse Location

Inside Panel fuses: TBC 2C, TBC 2A, TBC 2B, TBC ACCY and TBC IGN 0

Underhood Fuse Block fuses: TBC IGN 1 and TBC BATT

Jun 252019

pulled the codes po23f fuel relay
cant find the relay

P023F – Fuel Pump Secondary Circuit Open

Code P023F possible causes:
  • Bad fuel pump relay
  • Short to voltage on FP voltage supply circuit or feedback circuit
  • Short to ground on PCM
  • FP relay control circuit PCM
  • FP relay control driver shorted to ground internally

There are several fuel pump fuses and relays located in the underhood fuse block.


  • 18 – Fuel Pump Relay (20A) – Fuse(2 pin micro fuse)
  • 41 – Fuel Pump Relay – Secondary (20A) – Fuse(2 pin micro fuse)
  • 59 – Fuel Pump Relay – Primary(Micro Relay)
  • 66 – Fuel Pump Relay – Secondary(Micro Relay)
Jun 222019

Saturn Ion

I can not find any information on a diesel interference. Can you tell me what it it? I only can find information on a interference and non-interference.

I can only guess that someone is referring to interference of a diesel engine. And the ION is not a diesel engine.

In the old days some gas engines were known to diesel or ping. This was caused from poor octane and engine timing. With today’s technology engines are equipped with a knock sensor that prevents this from happening.

Jun 152019

Mercury Cougar

Bought an 85 Cougar, test drove and it ran fine. Now it’s failing to start. It will run if fuel is poured into the 4th throttle body. The fuel pump works when the relay is jumped but still won’t run. Disconnecting the line from the throttle body and jumping the relay produces fuel so I know the line isn’t plugged. I’ve replaced the fuel pump relay, eec, and fuel filter so far. Tried a new ignition switch as well. Any suggestions?

No Start Diagnostics

Check ECM Fuse and check for injector pulse. My guess is the injector is not firing.

Jun 152019

4WD problem. I think. When driving it seems like the 4WD is constantly trying to engage. The Jeep will jerk back like something is hitting the tire and make a loud band sound. When in 2wd the Jeep will not drive and makes a grinding sound.

I think your right, a 4WD Problem or issue with the transfer-case. I would check the linkage adjustment to make sure it is actually being place into 2WD all the way and not binding up on something. This would explain the grinding.



Jun 152019

I heard some cracky sound in my Steering wheel. Even when the road is smooth, I still here that sound randomly.

Steering Wheel Noise

When you hear a new noise in your car it is a good idea to turn down the radio and continue driving normally to try and determine where the noise is coming from, when it occurs, and how to describe it to your mechanic.  Since the steering system in your car is connected to so many things, steering wheel noise can come from lots of different places.  To allow your front wheels to carry the weight of your car, turn, travel with your suspension and deliver power to the ground, there are lots of links and joints that can make noise.


If you hear crunching from just behind your steering wheel you probably have a bad clock spring.  The clock spring in your car is an electrical connection that maintains contact even if one side is rotated.  It consists of a round contact pad on the steering column and a small spring on your steering wheel that makes contact.  If that spring is broken or damage it will crunch as it travels in a circle and should be replaced.

Reference: https://gobdp.com/blog/steering-wheel-noise/

Jun 152019

2007 Mazda 6

So i start my car with clutch but it wont go into gwae.i ruen my car offand i And it goes i to gear

Difficult to make out what you are asking but I will do my best.

Unable to put in gear

The car is able to be put into gear when the engine is turned off, but not when the engine is running. This happens when the clutch pressure plate is un able to release pressure on the clutch. When this occurs in can be caused from warn clutch assembly parts and or the clutch slave/master cylinder.