ZUS Smart Car Charger by nonda

ZUS Smart Car Charger
Recently I was given the opportunity to try out some new innovative technology. This truly innovative ZUS Smart Car Charger brings more to the table than anything we have seen before. I won’t go on about all the specifications but  I do want to highlight a few points of interest I found. ZUS is a Military Grade Dual USB Car Charger and Bluetooth Locator. Even sounds high tech huh? Well… it is. May be purchased through amazon.

ZUS Smart Car Charger Pros and Cons


  • Charges super fast
  • Cool design
  • Dual USB charging ports allows for 2 devices
  • It lights up from the USB ports
  • No static on radio while charging


  • Locator isn’t quite accurate
  • Price is a little top end but the quality is there to back it up

Overall rating 4HalfStar

ZUS Smart Car Charger provides fast device charging, is easy to see and use in the dark, built military tough to withstand everyday abuse and still has the ability to connect with Bluetooth and act as a Car locator. I have used many car chargers and found this to be the only one that doesn’t cause static noise during charging while listening to radio stations.

What makes ZUS a Smart Charger?

The Smart Device Detection technology built into each ZUS Smart Car Charger will charge your USB devices at 2X speed. With its innovative smart device detection technology, ZUS detects what device it’s charging and delivers the maximum amperage accepted by that device, enabling it to charge at faster speeds.
ZUS Smart Device Detection

ZUS Car Locator

Each ZUS Smart Car Charger is equipped with Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth allows the connection between a Smart Phone and ZUS Smart Charger and acts as a homing signal. A quick download of the app onto the phone and the Locator is ready when you are. Plug ZUS in and follow the steps on the phone. Park the car and let ZUS remember where you left it. Be guided within feet of your car. A little difficult when at a parking garage as it doesn’t know what floor you were on. So make sure to remember the floor but feel comfortable letting ZUS guide you the rest of the way.

ZUS Car Locator

ZUS Locator App Software

  • Android – ZUS app requires a mobile device with Android 4.3 or newer
  • iPhone – ZUS app requires a mobile device with iOS 7.1 or newer

– ZUS Smart Car Charger Specifications