Power Window 1999 Mitsubishi Montero

1999 Mitsubishi Montero Sport
my front right passenger power window is not working. All the other windows work but not the front right passenger window. i need help


There are a few things that can cause a power window to no longer work.

  1. Window motor failure – most common
  2. Window motor regulator binding
  3. Wiring harness failure
  4. Control switch failure

Battery voltage seen at power window motor

In this case check for power going to the window motor when applied by the switch. If the window motor is getting battery voltage and not moving, replace the window motor assembly. In many cases it is easier to replace the window motor and regulator as one unit and is sold this way. If the motor is getting power and you can hear it try to move but sounds like it is binding, it is most likely a power window motor regulator failure.

No power to the power window motor

No power seen at the window when switch is activated may require some digging. Eliminate the possibilities one at a time. Check for voltage coming from the switch. No voltage coming out but voltage seen going in, replace the switch. Voltage seen coming from switch but not getting to the motor, check the wiring harness. If there is a break in the wiring harness, it is usually at the door jams where they are bent the most often.