1997 Ford F-150 with a 4.6 liter motor

1997 Ford F150The truck quit today. I left it and came back later and it cranked up. I can hear the fuel pump coming on. I drove a little ways and then stopped and replaced the fuel filter. After that when I drove off and came to a stop the truck would die. Then I put it in park and crank it back up and go. Then one time it died and wouldn’t start back. Once again after setting for a few hours it started right back up.


First thing to do is to determine what it is not getting when it won’t start.

  • Spark
  • Fuel – Fuel pressure and or injector pulse.

Ignition control module, crankshaft position sensor if no spark.

Fuel pump, fuel pump relay if no fuel

crankshaft position sensor, PCM if no fuel injector pulse