98 jeep cherokee- 4.0 5 speed manual

1998 Jeep CherokeeI have a 98 jeep Cherokee 5 speed manual with a 4.0L the transmission is out in it. was looking to replace it has the AX 15 tranny. I know about the AX 5 and the AX15 tranny but someone told me there was a better option that was a CH and then 3 numbers do you know what tranny that might be


Only know of the AX15, AX5 and the 30RH that came in it.


Distortion of clutch components during installation and the use of non-standard components are common causes of clutch malfunction.

Improper clutch cover bolt tightening can distort the cover. The usual result is clutch grab, chatter and rapid wear.

An improperly seated flywheel and/or clutch housing are additional causes of clutch failure. Improper seating will produce misalignment and additional clutch problems.

The use of non-standard or low quality parts will also lead to problems and wear. Only use recommended factory parts.

A cocked pilot bearing is another cause of clutch noise, drag, hard shifting, and rapid bearing wear. Always use an alignment tool to install a new bearing. This practice helps avoid cocking the bearing during installation.