Cam Phaser 2009 ford f150 5.4L v8

2009 Ford F-150Know about cam phaser issue on the 5.4 L I have a 2009 f150 that knocks bad only when warm and a small shot of fuel on a slight hill or any hill at that
Does that sound like a cam phaser issue? works good other wise or would that be coils?

Cam Phaser

Sounds more to me like bad fuel or a rod knocking.

The cam phaser a greater issue for the 2004-2005 F-150.¬† Any issue may be averted by using the correct oil and oil filter. From what I have read, run nothing but Motorcraft 5w-20 and 820s Filter and hope for the best, some replaced them only for the issue to come back….¬†stick with 5W-20 (and preferably a synthetic) because this thinner oil will flow easier through the cam phasers (which are basically just oil passage ways). When they get clogged up with thicker oil and engine sludge, this is when they begin going. Also, the motorcraft oil filters were designed by Ford and built by Honeywell with a anti-flowback type valve in them to help with oil flow.

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