Chevy 6.5 diesel

Started the truck a few weeks ago started fine then the next day went to start it and it was sluggish but when i shut if off it just clicked. So i assumed it was the starter just got the time to swipe it out today approximately three weeks since the starter assumption but after changing same results today all gauges are worming tested the batteries glow plugs are cycling and the indicator light comes one seem i have good voltage but the voltage meter is not showing it and when u start the truck it just clicks with no indication that it will crank at a loss considering it took 4 hours to to get the old starter off in the freezing cold today Really needing some suggestions as we are getting snow and more coming it my winter work vehicle. Thanks in advance for any help or advice someone could lend


Replace the battery.


It takes very little to illuminate lights and activate glow plugs. The starter however requires the most juice to turn over the engine. The battery may read 12 volts setting still without load. When you load test it (draw amperage) the voltage will drop below usable condition.

I use a Battery Load Tester to check my batteries.