Chevy Camaro 82-92

1982 Chevy CamaroIs an old school Camaro hard to maintain? Is it easy to improve and does it cost a lot for parts if needed? Also does the number of miles matter? Is it a good car to keep?


Hard to maintain – No if you are an ASE Certified mechanic with lots of tools and lots of experience with carburetors and oil leaks.

Easy to improve – Sure if you have a pocket full of money that gets refilled often. Cost of parts are relevant to the specific part in which you speak. Oil filters and brake pads are cheap… transmissions and camshafts not so much.  The miles and weather matter most.

good car to keep? If it is an all original Z28 with low miles and perfect body, YES. A plan Jane Camaro with six different body panels and an aftermarket engine and a rigged up stereo system…. No so much.

I would not recommend these years as a collectors vehicle. Something is worth only what someone else is willing to pay for it.