1993 Geo Prizm

1993 GEO PrizmSo, about 1-2 months ago, my car started cutting out on acceleration. I noticed a bit of electrical power loss when idling. There was a sound coming from the engine that sounded like the belt squealing when I would turn the wheel but would stop when the engine warmed up. Then the battery died one day for no apparent reason. Now the engine is cutting out a lot more and there is a chirping noise and the squealing doesn’t stop when the car is warmed up. What could it be and where should I start to fix this problem?


The belts make squealing noises. This can be from exposure to coolant or a pulley or belt seizing. I would remove the belt and check to see if the pulleys are seized, possibly the alternator since you have been having battery issues. Low voltage will impact the engines ability to run properly.