1995 Dodge Dakota

1995 Dodge DakotaIve got a transmission issue with my 1995 Dodge Dakota. When in P there is no noise, but when in R, N, D, 2 & 1 the truck makes an odd noise, a clicking noise mixed with a noise like shaking a bag of sand almost. the noise is in sync with the engine, when it is reved the noise frequency increases. but there is no noise in park at all so i know its not a belt or pulley. There is also no issues while driving, shifting is smooth while in drive, i can note that the odd time it is a little stiff getting it out of park or out of reverse into drive. but I assume that wouldn’t be related to the issue. Any clue what it could be?


This is an odd description of a noise and is difficult to understand without hearing it. I agree that the shifter being stiff would not have anything to do with the noise. The first thing I would check would be the transmission fluid level. Then try to pull any codes that may be stored int he computer. Since this is an OBD I system the codes can be pulled without a scan tool.