Axle Shaft Rattles Jeep Wrangler

U-joints 2010 Jeep WrangerOn my 2010 Jeep Wrangler whenever I engage the 4×4, and make a hard turn the wheel rattles.


I would have to say that the axles u-joints or the hub bearings are worn. I would lean more toward the axles  u-joints as the hub bearings would tend to be noisy in 2WD or 4WD.

Axle Shaft Removal


  • With transmission in neutral, position vehicle on hoist.
  • Remove brake components.
  • Remove wheel speed sensor from hub bearing.
  • Remove hub nut (1) from axle shaft (2).
  • Remove three hub bearing bolts (1) from steering knuckle (2).
  • Remove hub bearing (1) with axle shaft (2) through steering knuckle.

axle shaft 2010 Jeep Wrangler

  • Remove brake shield and hub bearing from axle.

Pressing a two-way momentary rocker switch on the switch bank request axle lock. The first press DOWN requests rear axle to be locked, every other press DOWN toggles between “front and rear axle lock” and “rear axle lock” request states. Press rocker switch UP requests both axles to be unlocked. The switch is on the IP in the switch bank. The switch bank sends a message to the Cabin Cluster Node (CCN). The CCN handles the switch debounce and switch diagnostics. Any one message sent by the CCN on the network is a valid switch change. The CCN passes the information to the Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM) via a CAN B message. The TIPM will process the switch info received from CAN B, control the outputs as required by the Axle Lock Electrical Requirements, and send a lighting request to the CCN via CAN B. There are three telltales on the cluster, “Rear”, “Front”, and “Lock”. The telltales will be off if the axles are unlocked, flashing if there is a pending request to lock but the axles are not yet locked (transition to lock, torque-locked, or conditions not correct), and flashing rapidly if there is a fault. The “Front” and “Rear” telltales will match the front and rear differential states. The “Lock” telltale will be on solid if either the “Front” or “Rear” telltale is on or blinking. The TIPM will send the axle lock status message to the ESP module via CAN C.