BMW 320i N46

1983 BMW 320iMy car keeps having abs issues, the handbrake abs and DTC dashboard lights come on. I have on some occasions lost speedometer also, everything clears when I turn car off and start again. I have replaced the speed/abs sensor and it stopped for a while but is now back with vengeance, every drive it comes on, if I leave the DTC control on, after a while of driving it starts to jolt and if I attempt to accelerate it dies and I can’t pick up speed again. If I hold the DTC button for a few seconds and then drive I never have the jolting issue, just over time all 3 lights come on again. It broke down on me and it wouldn’t let me accelerate past 20 like it was in limp mode but was no dashboard lights for this present. After 3 hours of recovery not turning up I had enough and tried my car and it was fine all the way home (50 miles). Now my question I’ve read the wheel bearing has a magnetic strip one side and that is what the abs sensor reads, could mine have perished and once warmed up start to stick so it would appear the wheel isn’t moving and throw all these faults at me? I have a diagnostic tool and all faults point at rear left abs sensor.


Sounds like the Diagnostic Scantool is pointing you in the right direction. Each time the car is started it runs a check to see if everything in the abs system is functional. If at anytime one of the sensors fails it will illuminate the lights and discontinue to function properly. If you let me know what the year of the vehicle is I may be able to find some common failure issues.