CD Player Corolla 2011

2011-toyota-corollaHow can I reset my CD player… says CD in but there is no CD in the player…..wont let me put anything in….and when i can it spits CD out…..can I reset it somehow my self….


There is no reset for the CD player. You may try disconnecting the battery but I do not think this will help. Replacing the CD player or sending it out would be the only options.

CD Player 2011 Toyota Corolla

CD Player description


(a) The CD player uses a laser pickup to read digital signals recorded on CDs. By converting the digital signals to analog, it can play music and audio.


Do not look directly at the laser pickup because the CD player uses an invisible laser beam. Be sure to operate the player only as instructed.


  • Do not disassemble any part of the CD player.
  • Do not apply oil to the CD player.
  • Do not insert anything but a CD into the CD player.

(b) Usable discs

(1) The CD player can only play audio CDs, CD-Rs (CD-Recordable) and CD-RWs (CD-ReWritable)


  • Copy-protected CDs cannot be played.
  • CD-Rs and CD-RWs may not be played depending on the recording conditions or characteristics of the discs, or due to damage, dirt or deterioration caused by leaving the discs in the cabin for a long time.
  • Unfinalized CD-Rs and CD-RWs cannot be played.
  • Keep the discs away from dirt. Be careful not to damage the discs or leave your fingerprints on them.
  • Hold discs by the outer edge and center hole with the label side up.
  • Leaving the disc exposed halfway out of the slot for a long time after pressing the disc eject button may cause deformation of the disc, making the disc unusable.
  • If discs have adhesive tape, stickers, CD-R labels or any traces of such labels attached, the discs may not be ejected or player malfunctions may result.
  • Keep the discs away from direct sunlight (Exposure to direct sunlight may cause deformation of the disc, making the disc unusable.).
  • Do not use odd-shaped CDs because these may cause player malfunctions.
  • Do not use discs whose recording portion is transparent or translucent because they may not be inserted, ejected or played normally.
  • Use only 4.7 in. (12 cm) CDs.
  • Do not use 3 in. (8 cm) CDs, either with or without adapters.


  • When it is cold or it is raining, if the windows mist up, mist and condensation may form in the player. In such cases, the CD sound may skip or stop in the middle of play. Ventilate or dehumidify the cabin for a while before using the player.
  • The CD sound may skip if the player experiences strong vibrations when the vehicle is driven on rough road or similar uneven surfaces.

(d) Cleaning


Do not use a lens cleaner because it may cause a malfunction in the pickup portion of the player.

(1) If dirt is on the disc surface, wipe it clean with a soft dry cloth such as an eyeglass cleaner for plastic lenses from the inside to the outside in a radial direction.


  • Pressing on the disc by hand or rubbing the disc with a hard cloth may scratch the disc surface.
  • Use of solvents such as record spray, antistatic agents, alcohol, benzine, thinners, or a chemical cloth may cause damage to the disc, making the disc unusable.