Interior Lighting 2008 GMC Sierra

2008 GMC SierraInterior lights will not come on when opening the door on driver’s side. The other doors work properly. What is wrong with the interior lighting?


Most likely reason would be the driver’s door latch assembly is faulty and or the wiring harness or connection at the door latch.

Courtesy/Illuminated Entry Lamps

 The courtesy/illuminated entry lamps, may be manually turned ON or OFF by placing the interior lamp switch in the ON or OFF position. If an outside door handle is lifted and a door is opened, the courtesy/illuminated entry lamps illuminate. After all the doors have been closed the courtesy/illuminated entry lamps will remain illuminated approximately 15 seconds. The body control module (BCM) will then turn them OFF through the theater dimming feature. The courtesy/illuminated entry lamps will also turn ON prior to any door being opened, and remain illuminated approximately 40 seconds when the driver removes the ignition key. When the driver places the dome lamp defeat switch in the OFF position, the courtesy/illuminated entry lamps will be disabled.

The BCM and the door modules communicate through the GMLAN serial data circuit for the lamp illumination commands of the door switch signals. The left and right rear door latch switches are both on one circuit that is also an input to the BCM.

The left and right front door courtesy lamps (if equipped) receive voltage and ground from the driver door switch and the passenger door switch respectively. The remaining courtesy lamps are controlled and receive voltage from the BCM. Voltage for the courtesy lamp supply voltage circuit is from the INT LTS fuse in the instrument panel fuse block.

2008 GMC Sierra interior lighting wiring diagram