Turn Signal 2008 Ford Fusion

turn signal 2008 Ford FusionI have a 2008 Ford Fusion SEL 3.0L V6. 5 days ago my Left Rear Turn Signal went out. I noticed this because my blinker was flashing rapidly and on the dash display said to check LR Turn Lamp. Now today my Right Rear Turn Signal started doing the same thing. I decided it was time to try to fix the issue. I checked the exterior light fuses and nothing was blown. I bought 2 replacement bulbs, but my rear turn signals still were not working after being replaced. In the process of seeing if the new bulbs worked I noticed that my brake lights were not operating as well. My 3rd brake light in the rear window works though. Also when I turn my hazard lights on the two back hazards are not working. But when I turn my head lights on the rear lights that share the brake light bulbs get power. Just to be on the safe side I checked all of the fuses in my SJB below the steering column and everything was OK. I went ahead and replaced my brake light switch above the break petal and still nothing. I have a repair guide for my Fusion and found that the wires coming from the SJB to the Rear Turn/Stop/Park lights are the Violet/Orange and Grey/Brown. I checked the wires in the trunk and everything looked fine and also checked the wires on the connector going into the SJB and everything appeared fine. I couldn’t get a real good look at the wires on the SJB side being that they are behind the dash. I found that my contortion skills, trying to get a good look at the connectors and wires on the SJB side, were not the best .

At this point I am thinking it is a wiring issue or a SJB issue. Any help on solving this crazy issue is much appreciated. My troubleshooting steps are below in a easier format to read.

Turn Signal Issue

Both Rear Brake Lights, Turn Signals, and Hazard Lights not working.
Both Front Brake Lights, Turn Signals, and Hazard Lights are working.


1. Checked all fuses in SJB located under the steering column in the interior of the car. Also checked 60 amp power fuses in fuse box in engine compartment that go to SJB.
2. Replaced Turn Signal Bulbs.
3. Replaced Brake Light Switch located above brake pedal.
4. Checked wiring diagram and found that wires in the trunk appeared fine.
5. Checked wires and connector, as best as I could, under dash going into SJB and everything appeared fine.
6. Re seated connectors going into SJB.
7. Threw my hands up and Screamed……..


Since your third brake light is functional it tells me that the brake pedal switch is operational. Also the third brake light uses the same ground so i wouldn’t suspect a loss of ground connection either. The turn signal bulb and brake light bulb are the same. This is also true of the hazard.

I would check for battery voltage coming from the brake switch on wire color VIO/WHT and make sure it gets to the SJB(SMART JUNCTION BOX).  If that checks out good, then Check for battery voltage leaving the SJB on PIN 11 and PIN 7. If that checks good, then check the wires at the brake socket on the GRN/BRN and VIO/ORG. If that check out good, then the bulbs are the issue.

A quick check would be to have someone hold the brake pedal down or use a tool.I use this tool often myself when no one is around to assist.

Check with a multi-meter for power and ground at the bulb socket for the turn signal. Many times the incorrect bulb can cause and issue.