1998 volkswagen beetle

1998 VW BeetleHi. I have a 1998 beetle. I left work today. Started the car and the “BRAKE ” light on the dash was lit. I did not have the emergency brake on. On the way home I also discovered the turn signals were not working, or the fan for the heat. The headlights and daytime running lights were not working either. The lights at the rear of the car are working. I did not check the horn or wipers. I plugged the tester in and no codes came up. All the fuses seem to be good. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The brake light will illuminate when the brake fluid level is low. Check the fluid level. The brake system is a closed system. Though adding some fluid may cause the brake light to go out there may be more to it. Check your brake pads for wear as it may be time to replace them. This light is a separate issue from your lighting issue.

If the emergency flashers work, then the cause of the turn signal issue should the the turn signal switch. If they do not work, the load reduction relay or fuse 2 or fuse 39 would be the problem. The head lights also use the same load reduction relay, check it first.

The blower motor would be a separate issue as well. Generally if the blower only works on high speed the blower motor resistor needs to be replaced. If it does not work on any speed the motor and possibly the resistor as well need to be replaced.

Exterior Lighting Wiring Diagram 1998 VW Beetle