Timing Marks 1972 Volvo 145

timing marks diagram 1972 Volvo 145While turning over the engine by hand, if my rotor is pointing at the #1 spark plug wire position will the engine always be at or near TDC? The rotor will point at a different plug wire (4 in this case) when cylinder 1 is at exhaust stroke, correct? Does it have timing marks?


You are at top dead center(TDC) when the #1 Piston is all the way up and both exhaust and intake valves are closed. When continuing to rotate the engine past TDC, the next valve that will open should be the exhaust valve.


  • Remove the timing belt cover as outlined previously.
  • To remove the tension from the belt, loosen the nut for the tensioner and press the idler roller back. The tension spring can be locked in this position by inserting the shank end of a  3 32 (3mm) drill bit through the pusher rod.
  • Remove the six retaining bolts and the crankshaft pulley.
  • Remove the belt, taking care not to bend it at any sharp angles. The belt should be replaced routinely at 45,000 mile intervals, or anytime it becomes oil soaked or frayed.
  • Align the crankshaft and camshaft marks prior to removing the timing belt — B230F engines
  • If the crankshaft, idler shaft, or camshaft were disturbed while the belt was off, align each shaft with its corresponding index mark (to assure proper valve timing and ignition timing) as follows:
    1. Rotate the crankshaft so that the notch in the crankshaft gear belt guide aligns with the embossed mark on the front cover (12 o’clock position).
    2. Rotate the idler shaft so that the dot on the idler shaft drive sprocket aligns with the notch on the timing belt rear cover (four o’clock position).
    3. Rotate the camshaft so that the notch in the camshaft sprocket inner belt guide aligns with the notch in the forward edge of the valve cover (12 o’clock position).
  • Install the timing belt (don’t use any sharp tools) over the sprockets, and then over the tensioner roller. Loosen the tensioner nut and let the spring tension automatically take up the slack. Tighten the tensioner nut to 37 ft. lbs. (50 Nm).
  • Rotate the crankshaft one full revolution clockwise, and make sure the timing marks still align.
  • Reverse Steps 1–3 to install.