1995 olds cutliss ceara 3.1 v 6

1991 Olds CutlassI just replaced head gaskets. I get it back together have no spark. I cant get OBD codes. I jump pin a to b but there is no wire on b. Tried two that are there and nothing. I changed cam and crank sensors. Can u please help I’ve been trying to start for a week none stop. I really need this car to start. OMG thanks.


If it ran before you worked on it, go back over your work and look for something unplugged. Look a the wiring to see if any wires are pulled from a connector. Double check your work.

There is a chance that your vehicle was built in late 1995 making it a ’96 model as far as computer systems go. This would make it an OBD II System and would require a scan tool to pull the codes. Most auto parts stores will do this for free. Unfortunately yours does not run so it will require some basic diagnostics to start off.

You will need to determine what the engine is not getting. If it is not getting spark or injector pulse, check ECM fuse if good replace ECM(since you already replaced the crankshaft and camshaft sensor) If you are getting injector pulse but no spark, replace the ignition control module. These are the most common part failures for this year.