Aug 102016

1993 Ford Explorer SportDoes it need shims for starter ? If so , what size shim ??


NO. There are no shims needed or used during a starter replacement on a 1993 ford explorer sport.

Starter Replacement 1993 Ford Explorer


1.Disconnect the negative battery cable.
2.Raise the front of the vehicle and install jack stands beneath the frame. Firmly apply the parking brake and place blocks in back of the rear wheels. Disconnect all wires connected to the starter, including this ground wire on the starter mounting bolt stud
3.Tag and disconnect the wiring harness at the starter.
When detaching the hard shell connector at the S-terminal, grasp the plastic shell to pull it off. Do not pull on the wire itself. Ensure to pull the connector straight off to prevent damage to the connector and S-terminal. If any part of the connector is damaged, replace the damaged component.
Remove the starter motor (arrow) mounting bolts . . .
starter replacement
4.Remove the starter mounting bolts and remove the starter. . . . then remove the starter — be careful, the starter motor can be quite heavy

Starter Replacement 1993 Ford Explorer

To install:

5.Position the starter motor against the engine and install the mounting bolts. Tighten the mounting bolts to 15–19 ft. lbs. (21–27 Nm).
6.Install the starter solenoid connector by pushing it straight on. Ensure that the connector locks in position with a notable click.
Install the starter cable nut to the starter solenoid B-terminal. Tighten the nut to 80–123 inch lbs. (9–14 Nm).

7.Connect any remaining wiring to the starter motor.
8.Lower the front of the vehicle and remove the wheel blocks.
9.Connect the negative battery cable.

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