Vibration 1994 Toyota 4-runner

1994 Toyota 4 RunnerIt has a terrible vibration when pressing on the accelerator.


If this vibration does not occur when in neutral or park, then concentrate on the suspension and drivetrain components.

If occurs when in park or neutral, concentrate on the engine. If the check engine light is on, pull the codes and post them below in the comments. If the check engine light is not on, concentrate on the ignition components. What I do is pull each plug wire off one at a time with the engine running. When there is no change, I know this is the affected cylinder to concentrate on.

Run at the D position lock -up or 0/D gear and check for abnormal noise and vibration. HINT: The check for the cause of abnormal noise and vibration must be made with extreme care as it could also be due to loss of balance in the propeller shaft, differential, torque converter clutch, etc.


Use the table below to help you find the cause of the problem. The numbers indicate the priority of the likely cause of the problem. Check each part in order. If necessary, replace these parts.

Vibration troubleshooting 1994 Toyota 4 Runner