1991 Chevy Lumina

1991 Chevy LuminaI have a 1991 Chevy Lumina with multiple issues. The main one is when it started dying on me with no warning just goes from 40mph to 0 quick. I look under the hood saw a half cut cable leading from the motor to another part of the car I taped it up. Then it dies again so I notice hoses near the left front leaking orange/brown liquid downwards. Part of it coming from a grey cap thing. I don’t know why my car goes from working fine for a couple of miles to just dying. Then two days later it starts up then repeats after a couple of miles. Some people say its the alternator but it might be the half cut radio suppression hose or the leaking liquid right? Then I have an issue with the AC it blows warm air then stops blowing but still makes the sound as if its blowing anything. Do i need a new Freon?


The most common reason for this year vehicle having the issue you described is a failing ignition control module. Once the car has a period of time to cool down it will start and run as normal for a few minutes or longer and then start to die. Replacing the ignition control module should take care of the issue.

The leaking liquid should not have an effect of the engine as you described but it is a good idea to keep an eye on leaks. Check your fluid levels to determine what the fluid is.

As for the air conditioning issue, we have a pretty good step by step troubleshooting procedure to follow.