2000 dodge ram 1500

2001 Doge Ram 1500I just replaced the brake line from back to front on a 2000 dodge ram 1500 2 wheel drive with 5.2 motor. I cant seem to get it to bleed at all. Even the pump the brakes up and open the bleeder valve or hand vacuum pump will not seem to work. Is there any thing I’m doing wrong ?


No, Just takes a long time to get the fluid to move that far. Start on the furthest corner from the brake fluid reservoir. Make sure the reservoir is full. You can gravity bleed, connect a vacuum pump or use the pump the brake pedal method. Pump the pedal and hold pressure while someone else cracks the bleeder then closes the bleeder before you let up on the brake pedal. May need to be repeated a bunch of times. Once you see fluid at this corner move to the next and repeat until you have fluid at all four corners. Make sure to keep an eye on the brake fluid level so it doesn’t run dry or you will need to start over. You will not get full pedal until you take care of all four corners.