Windows 2003 Honda Accord

2003 Honda AccordWindows still go up and down after opening door to exit vehicle. Will this run battery down overnight? The windows usually will not work after opening the door.


Probably not, but if power is also going to other places then you bet it will run the battery down. If the ignition switch is left in the “ON” position, the computer and everything else will definitely drain the battery. If you just hard wired battery power tot eh window switch, shouldn’t drain the battery unless you are operating the windows themselves. If the vehicle is all stock, sounds like a door latch failure causing the issue. Does the dome light go out when you close the door?

Power Windows System Description

Key Cylinder Operation

With the key inserted in the driver’s door key cylinder, turn the key a second time and hold within 10 seconds to operate the windows (clockwise to open, counterclockwise to close). The windows stop moving when the key is released.

NOTE: Anti-trap will not work when door key cylinder switch is used to close the windows.

Keyless Operation

By pressing the UNLOCK button of the keyless transmitter a second time and holding, the windows open. The windows stop moving when the UNLOCK button is released. The windows do not close with the LOCK button.

Anti-trap Power Window Operation

The system is composed of the power window master switch, the power window master switch and the driver’s window motor. The power window motor incorporates a pulser which generates pulses during the motor’s operation and sends the pulses to the power window control unit. As soon as the power window master switch detects no pulses from the pulser, the control unit makes the power window motor stop and reverse. This is to prevent pinching your hand or fingers during auto-up operation.