2005 Jeep Liberty CRD 2.8 turbo charged engine

2005 Jeep LibertyMy Code reader indicates the following:
P1267 Cylinder #7 high to low short side
P1265 Cylinder #5 high to low short side
P1261 Cylinder #1 high to low short side

This is on my 2005 Jeep Liberty CRD turbo diesel with only 4 cylinders. Could this be a fuel injector issue? or maybe glow plug issue? Thanks!


Cylinder High to Low Short Side

Check valve cover wire harness connections first, including under the valve cover.

Possible causes
– Faulty Fuel Injector
– Faulty Fuel Injector Interface Module
– Fuel Injector harness is open or shorted
– Fuel Injector circuit poor electrical connection

P1261 Description

A fault is detected by the fuel injector interface module in the secondary (rearward) fuel injector circuit.