Fuel Line 1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass 3.8L v6

1984 Oldsmobile CutlassI was attempting to fix a leaking fuel line on a friends car but when i got under it and actually saw the line itself it was very clear that the whole line needs replacing. My question is can i use a nylon or vinyl fuel line to replace the current steel one? If so is there a kit you would recommend? I am unsure about what kind of fittings it would take to tie into the tank and the pump(which is on the block) or if i would need to actually pull the tank to accomplish this. Any advice will be greatly appreciated, thank you very much.


The fuel line from the tank to the pump is a suction line and does not under go a lot of pressure. You could use rubber FUEL line and run it from the tank all the way to the fuel pump. Or you could use a mixture of metal line and rubber line. Use 2 hose clamps to attach the rubber fuel line to the metal line. It may be necessary to drop the tank to get to a usable metal line. No kit needed. Just purchase enough hose clamps and fuel line to do the job.

Rubber Fuel Line 1/4 inch. for under $20

Fuel Line Hose Clamps

Removal of Fuel Tank


  • Disconnect the negative (-) battery cable.
  • Drain tank. WARNING 
    Have a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher near the work area.
  • Use a hand-operated siphon pump, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for its use. As the fuel tank has a restrictor in the filler neck, connect the drain hose to the main fuel pipe at the fuel pump or at the tank gauge unit. Drain the fuel.
  • Reconnect any removed hoses, lines and cap.
  • Disconnect tank unit wire from connector in rear compartment.
  • Remove the ground wire retaining screw from the underbody.
  • Disconnect the hoses from the tank unit.
  • Support the fuel tank with a suitable jack and disconnect the two fuel tank retaining straps.
  • Remove the tank from the vehicle.To install:
  • On California emissions equipped vehicles, center the fuel filler pipe in the opening as required. Always replace the O-ring when the tank unit has been removed.
  • Support the tank with a suitable jack and position the tank into the vehicle.
  • Connect the fuel hoses and electrical connectors before installing the tank straps.
  • Install the tank strap bolt and nut to 96 inch lbs. (11 Nm) and the bolt-to-body to 26 ft. lbs. (35 Nm).
  • Connect the negative battery cable, refill the tank, start the engine and check for leaks.