Rear Speed Sensor 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser

2002 Chrysler PT CruiserCan I replace the right rear speed sensor myself?


Yes. If you have a box of tools and are mechanically inclined. One retaining bolt and one electrical plug. It will take you longer to put the car up on jack stands then it will to remove the speed sensor. Have the speed sensor shipped right to your house.

I double checked to make sure this rear wheel speed sensor will fit your 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser. And it’s under $50. If you spend a $1 more the shipping is free.

Rear Wheel Speed Sensor Description

The Mark 20e system uses two-wire wheel speed sensors, known as active wheel speed sensors. The sensors use an electronic principle known as magnetoresistive to help increase performance and durability. The sensors convert wheel speed into a small digital signal. A wheel speed sensor is used at each wheel. The gear (tooth) type tone wheel serves as the trigger mechanism for each sensor. At each wheel of the vehicle there is one wheel speed sensor and one tone wheel.

The rear wheel speed sensors are mounted through the disc brake adapter (Left Rear Wheel Speed Sensor) (Right Rear Wheel Speed Sensor). The rear tone wheels are mounted to and rotate with the hub and bearing assemblies.

The WSS air gaps are not adjustable. The initial factory WSS air gap specification can be found in SPECIFICATIONS. Each WSS is serviced individually. The tone wheels are serviced as an assembly with the hub and bearing assemblies.

Rear Speed Sensor Operation

The CAB sends 12 volts to power an Integrated Circuit (IC) in the sensor. The IC supplies a constant 7 mA power supply to the CAB. The relationship of the tooth on the tone wheel to the permanent magnet in the sensor, signals the IC to enable a second 7 mA power supply. The output of the sensor, sent to the CAB, is a DC voltage signal with changing voltage and current levels. The ground for the IC and the current sense circuit is provided by the CAB.

When a valley of the tone wheel is aligned with the sensor, the voltage signal is approximately 0.8 volts and a constant 7 mA current is sent to the CAB. As the tone wheel rotates, the tooth shifts the magnetic field and the IC enables a second 7 mA current source. The CAB senses a voltage signal of approximately 1.6 volts and 14 mA. The CAB measures the amperage of the digital signal for each wheel. The resulting signal is interpreted by the ABS CAB as the wheel speed.

Rear Speed Sensor Removal

    1. Raise the vehicle.
    2. Remove the tire and wheel assembly from the vehicle.
    3. Disconnect the wheel speed sensor cable connector from the vehicle wiring harness (Wheel Speed Sensor Connector). Remove the clip attaching wheel speed sensor cable connector to the vehicle’s body.

    rear speed sensor 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser
    2 – FUEL TANK

    1. Disconnect the wheel speed sensor cable routing clips running along the brake tube, brake hose and axle trailing arm.
      CAUTION: When removing a wheel speed sensor from the rear disc brake adapter, do not use pliers on the sensor head. This may damage the sensor head. If the sensor has seized, use a hammer and a punch to tap the edge of the sensor head ear, rocking the sensor side-to-side until free.
    2.  Remove the bolt attaching the wheel speed sensor to the rear disc brake adapter (Wheel Speed Sensor), then carefully remove the sensor head from the rear disc brake adapter and vehicle.

    2002 Chrylser PT Cruiser rear wheel speed sensor location diagram