Warped Rotors 2006 Ford 500

2006 Ford 500What causes rotors to warp? Warped rotors?



Warped Rotors Possible Causes

Brake rotors are sensitive to heat. Under normal driving conditions they will remain strong enough to resist becoming warped rotors. However there are a few things that will cause excessive heat. If the drivers tends to drive with two feet or rest there foot on the brake while driving. This should be avoided if at all possible. If the driver tends to wait until they are close to where they want to stop and then use excessive force to stop. Also, what I like to call a panic stop. Maybe you are on the highway and come up on stopped traffic it is hard to void jamming on the brake pedal to avoid an accident. Also when the brake pads become worn and start to drag on the rotor or a sticking brake caliper.