2014 Chevrolet Malibu

2014-Chevy MalibuThe stop start system wasn’t working due to bad auxiliary battery. The Chevrolet dealership replaced the battery and drove 17 miles to road test and monitor the system to see if it was operating properly. Isn’t seventeen miles a lot of driving just to road test something that should activate within a short period of time? on the city streets, the environment for which the system was designed, that would be about 90 minutes of driving. seems like way too much mileage?


One could argue that is an excessive amount of mileage and time. Most only get 5 minutes if they are lucky. You received and over and beyond amount of time. Some would argue that you were lucky to have it tested to such great length. Seems like if you were charged and extra 1 1/2 labor, I could see why you might be upset. If you didn’t get charged, smile and say thank you.

There is a specific Relearn procedure for the battery sensor module that must be carried out when replacing the battery. There may be an extra amount of driving involved.

Calibration Criteria

Note: This procedure is only for vehicles equipped with a Battery Sensor Module. Attempting to run this procedure without a Battery Sensor Module may cause unwanted results. If this occurs, the BCM will need to be reset with an ignition cycle.

The B110 Battery Sensor Module provides primary battery voltage and current data to the Engine Control Module (ECM). The ECM uses a Battery State Estimator algorithm to determine the state of charge of the primary 12 volt battery for use in controlling the stop/start feature. The battery state estimator monitors the voltage differences between the ECM and B110 Battery Sensor Module and current differences between the battery current sensor and the B110 Battery Sensor Module .The B110 Battery Sensor Module learn procedure must be performed after either the battery has been replaced or charged with an external battery charger.

Calibration Procedure