Door Ajar Switch 1998 Ford Windstar

1998 Ford WindstarMy dome light will not go off. I made sure all doors are closed good. and the door jams is clean


The most common reason would be from a failed door ajar switch(door open warning lamp switch). The switch is located on the door latch assembly.

door ajar switch

Door Courtesy Lamp Switch Input/ Door Ajar Switch

System responds to door ajar switch as follows:
•The generic electronic module (GEM) uses the door ajar switch input for two different rear air suspension system functions:
◾preventing vents when a door is open to avoid the possibility of the vehicle lowering and the door catching on an obstruction.
◾servicing a correction immediately, if needed.
•The liftgate and both front door switches close to ground when opened, while the sliding door switch provides ground when closed and opening the door provides an open in the circuit.
•The GEM can sense each door (open or closed) independently.
•If a damaged door ajar switch (door always open) condition exists, the GEM will interpret that a door is open and not vent unless vehicle speed is above 24 km/h (15 mph).
◾Above 24 km/h (15 mph) the GEM disregards all door signals.