Lexus Knock Sensor 2001 ES300

2001 Lexus ES300Hey… I have a question regarding the Lexus knock sensor in a 2001 Lexus ES300 V6 3.0L. Is there a difference between knock sensor bank 1 and 2? Can I use the knock sensor from bank 1 on bank 2?


Yes. You can use the knock sensor from bank 1 on bank 2.  The two sensors have the same part number: KS159 and run about $140 each. There is no difference at all since the part numbers are the same. So if there is a benefit for you then go ahead and swap away.

Lexus knock sensor diagram

Knock Sensor Location

Both knock sensors are located underneath each engine cylinder head assembly. They are mounted in the engine block. I recommend using a SST Socket number 09816-30010 hence making it easier to remove.