Shift Cable 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

2004 Chevy CavilierHow much would it cost in total to replace the shift cable?


About $60 for the part plus the part mark up. Then about 2 hours labor at shop rate.

  • Cable(part+markup) = $100
  • Labor(shop rate x hours) = $200
  • misc(because they can) =$15
  • Total = $315
  • Tax (local tax 7%) =$22.05
  • Grand Total = $337.05 Shop Estimate

Do it yourself Estimate: Part = $60

Shift Cable - 2004 Chevy Cavilier

Shift Cable Replacement Labor Estimate

Shift Control Cable Assembly, Replace

Labor Times

How to Replace Shift Cable


Shift Control Cable Adjustment

  • Set the parking brake.
  • Remove the console.
  • Lift and unlock the cable retainers.
  • Push the shifter neutral lock clip. Move the shifter slightly in order to center the lock clip.
  • Ensure that the transmission is in neutral.
  • Press and lock the cable retainers.
  • Pull the shifter neutral lock clip to its original position.
  • Install the console.