Starter Engagement 98 TOYOTA AVALON

1998 Toyota AvalonNo Starter engagement. Using wiring diagram from Toyota, I can jump over ST relay sending current from terminal 3 to 5 will crank. I suspect Neutral/Safety Sw, wiring diagram shows 2 terminals, but actually have 8 terminals on Sw. Willing to pay for quick response. HArold


The Neutral switch may have eight wires but only the two wires shown on the starting system diagram have to do with it starting. The Black/White wire and the Black/Red wire. However there are several fuses to check as well as the starter relay. The starter relay is the most common failure component. You can rule out the theft deterrent system as it shuts off the fuel system, not the starter.

You should see battery voltage at PIN#5 on the starter relay at all times. If not check the Main 40 amp fuse, the AM2 30 amp fuse, the ALT 120 amp fuse and the main fusible link.

You should see battery negative on PIN#2 of the starter relay at all times. Also should see battery voltage at PIN#1 (Black/Red wire coming from neutral switch) only when the ignition key is held in the “START” position.

You should see battery voltage leaving the relay on PIN#3 only when the relay is activated by battery voltage being applied at PIN#1. This will cause starter engagement. If this does not occur and all voltages check out. Replace the relay.

Starting System Wiring Diagram 1998 Toyota Avalon