2013 Dodge Avenger RT

2013 Dodge AvengerMy car died while I was driving it. Lost fuel. At first thought my gauge was off and tried putting gas in and it tries but won’t start. My brother said the fuel pump wasn’t kicking on. He checked all the fuses, relays and tested to see if power was going to the fuel pump. (It was) He thought the fuel pump went bad so we bought a new one. We put it in and still won’t kick on. The store we bought it from has had problems lately getting in faulty parts so I’m wondering if we got a bad one or if it could be something else. He also checked to see if I have an inertia switch that may have been flipped but he could not locate one.


I would try applying power to the fuel pump outside of the vehicle to see if it works. If it does, you know it is not the fuel pump. If it doesn’t you know to get a different one. Also make sure you are checking for Battery POSITIVE and Battery NEGATIVE. Would hate to think all that is wrong is a bad ground wire connection.