Rear Brake Drum 1976 Ford F250

1976 Ford F250Do you have a parts diagram and instruction manual for replacing my rear brake drum, or wheel bearings?


Rear Brake Drum Inspection

Check that there are no cracks or chips in the braking surface. Excessive bluing indicates overheating and a replacement drum is needed. The drum can be machined to remove minor damage and to establish a rounded braking surface on a warped drum. Never exceed the maximum oversize of the drum when machining the braking surface. The maximum inside diameter is stamped on the rim of the drum.


rear brake drum axle diagram 1976 Ford F250Rear Brake Drum Replacement

Bronco, F-150, and F-250 Light Duty

1.Raise the vehicle so that the wheel to be worked on is clear of the floor and install jackstands under the vehicle.
2.Remove the wheel. Remove the three retaining nuts and remove the brake drum. It may be necessary to back off the brake shoe adjustment in order to remove the brake drum. This is because the drum might be grooved or worn from being in service for an extended period of time.
3.Before installing a new brake drum, be sure to remove any protective coating with carburetor degreaser.
4.Install the brake drum in the reverse order of removal and adjust the brakes.

F-250HD, F-350

1.Raise the vehicle and install jackstands.
2.Remove the wheel. Loosen the rear brake shoe adjustment.
3.Remove the rear axle retaining bolts and lockwashers, axle shaft, and gasket.
4.Take Off the wheel bearing locknut, lockwasher, and adjusting nut.
5.Remove the hub and drum assembly from the axle.
6.Remove the brake drum-to-hub retaining screws, bolts or bolts and nut. Remove the brake drum from the hub.
To install:

7.Place the drum on the hub and attach it to the hub with the attaching nuts and bolts.
8.Place the hub and drum assembly on the axle and start the adjusting nut.
9.Adjust the wheel bearing nut and install the wheel bearing lockwasher and locknut.
10.Install the axle shaft with a new gasket and install the axle retaining bolts and lockwashers.
11.Install the wheel and adjust the brake shoes. Remove the jackstands and lower the vehicle.