EVAP Leak 2005 Nissan Altima

2005 Nissan Altima Code P0420Engine light is on and evaporative emission small leak(evap leak) is what its says….also my car will not accelarate like it should on the high way it will stop and go like im running put of gas


Small evap leak could be as simple as the gas cap being loose or could be an actual leak. The most comon cause is a bad evap purge solenoid.

How to locate an EVAP Leak

The use of a smoke machine comes in play. Hook up the machine to the evaporative system service port or connect it to the fuel tank. Run the machine and look for where the smoke is releasing.

As for the engine not running well, first of all make sure it has fuel. I do not think the evap leak is related to this issue. You may have gotten hold of some bad gas. Try using high octane from a different fueling station the next couple of fill ups. Some Nissan’s are picking when it comes to fuel and may require High Octane all the time.