Timing Belt 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Sante FeWhat is the most I should need to pay for a complete timing belt kit removal/replacement? {in zip code 48471}…..thanks


Would be helpful to know what engine is in your vehicle as it came with 3 options.

Estimate Worksheet

2.4L : engine timing belt component kit cost = 154.70; labor hours = 5.1

2.7L : engine timing belt component kit cost = 150.27; labor hours = 5.5

3.5L : engine timing belt component kit cost = 127.19; labor hours = 5.5

Add an additional 150 to the kit price and 3 hours labor if you want the kit that includes a water pump.

Part cost(154.70) + markup(75%) = 270

Part cost with water pump(304.70) + markup(75%) =533

Labor hours(5.5) x hourly rate(120) = 660

Misc. Charge(shop supplies) = 25


Timing Belt Kit Replacement Estimate

Without water pump added = 1218+tax(6%) = $1291.00

With water pump added  = 955+tax(6%) = $1012.00

These auto repair estimates are the average prices. It may be a bit less expensive at a local shop compared to a dealership. However you can supplement the labor rate with whatever the shop rate is and apply it the same way. A Dealerships overhead is higher than smaller shops and tends to be a bit more expensive.