Wheel Won’t Respond 2003 Hyundai xg350L

Hyundai XG350My car was in an accident. I hit a fire hydrant on my driver side front wheel and now the wheel won’t respond when I turn the steering wheel. What is the issue?


Wheel Won’t Respond

You have broken, at a minimum, the steering tie rod. There may be more than that broken. Possible broken strut mounts, control arms, etc. Anytime a vehicle is wrecked it is a good idea to have the vehicle physically looked at by a professional mechanic. Have an alignment done to help avoid premature tire wear.

Proper tire alignment is critical to the tread-life of your tires as well as to your car’s steering performance. Improper alignment typically produces uneven tread-wear (figure H) either to the inside or outside shoulder of your tire. Simple alignments, at the proper intervals, will save you money in the long run in tire costs. It’s best to have your car aligned at least once a year.

Source: Tire Alignment Basics