2001 Lincoln Town Car

 Lincoln Town CarHello, i’ll get right too it. My car has been parked for months now.

And i tried starting it but the battery died on me, “it’s winter here” so i traded it for a fresh one, now, the engine cranks normal “even with remote” but wont start.

The last time i started it, it had snowed quite a bit to the point snow was flush with my under carriage and Starter of coarse and maybe up inside the engine bay.

So I have no interior lights. I had cleaned the post and connectors.

All is done right, i’m thinking the Switch or bad Ground, wire. On account of the snow being so close to the wires.

So, it cranks but wont start and no lights “Interior/but one light i barely saw was in the Dash” and that was Service Engine Soon.

That S.E.S. was for my Gas cap i replaced and forgot to erase.

and it cranks with remote… but no Door Locks work or anything else on the Remote.

What you thinking

Thank You in Advance


After a car sits for a awhile it may need to have the fuel system primed. This can be done by cycling the key. Turn the key to “ON” and hold for 5 seconds and then turn the key to “OFF”. Repeat 10 to 15 times. This will prime the fuel system.   A quick test would be to spray starting fluid in the air filter and see if it wants to start. Could be out of gas or a few other things. I have created a wonderful No Start Diagnostic Chart for just an occasion. Follow the steps on the chart.

Lack of interior lights could be a blown fuse or a bad connection at the battery. Make sure you connected all the wires that were removed when replacing the battery.