Fuel Pump 2005 Buick Lesabre

2005 Buick LesabreBeen told I have a bad fuel pump but don’t believe that’s the problem. Cause it pumps gas out for a few seconds and stops when I take the filter line off. but was told by the auto zone guy that the pump is bad if it stops pumping.

I believe maybe for a old car but mine probably has a sensor to tell it to stop pumping need a real mechanic to verify this thank you, car run hot and shut off was a burning smell but it didn’t lock up still turns over but won’t crank replaced crank sensor, cam sensor, checked the timing chain, and replaced the control module because the same auto zone guy tested it and said it was bad but didn’t fix the car. So think he’s just don’t know what he’s talking about or trying to sell parts. Also it’s getting fire thank you for any help.


When the car is turned on the fuel pump is activated for only a few seconds and then it no longer sent power. This is unless the ignition key is placed in the “START” position.

Generally the fuel pump can be tested by the amount of fuel pressure it builds. Therefore using a fuel pressure gauge to test is best. If you are certain your engine has spark then you could spray some starting fluid in the air filter to see if it wants to start. This would let you know that it is a lack of fuel if it tries to start.

Relieving Fuel Pressure Caution

Warning! Remove the fuel tank cap and relieve the fuel system pressure before servicing the fuel system in order to reduce the risk of personal injury. After you relieve the fuel system pressure, a small amount of fuel may be released when servicing the fuel lines, the fuel injection pump, or the connections.In order to reduce the risk of personal injury, cover the fuel system components with a shop towel before disconnection. This will catch any fuel that may leak out. Place the towel in an approved container when the disconnection is complete.