2007 Mazda 5 Air Conditioning Compressor

2007 Mazda 5I know home A/C system cold air when i turn it off, i can not turn back on right away, needs to wait 5 minutes before the compressor kicks in again, this feature is to protect the compressor. But what about car? my job requires me to drive less than a minutes and stop(engine off), and back driving after 2-3 minutes, and drive another minutes and stop, on and off for 50 times, would this kill the compressor faster in summer since car doesn’t have a thermostat to oversight compressor like home.


Air Conditioning Compressor Thermostat

This would not kill the compressor faster in the summer. The air conditioning compressor doesn’t need a thermostat to oversight. The Fan Speed is automatically increased to insure the compressor doesn’t get hot anytime it is turned on.