PCV Valve 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo

pcv valveChanging the pcv valve today and some rubber fell inside where the pcv valve goes…will this be a problem? Its a 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo


Big piece or little piece of rubber? I wouldn’t think to much about a tiny fragment. If it was a large piece of rubber the best thing would be to remove the valve cover.

Valve Cover Removal

The right side is easy to get to. Simply remove the four bolts and lift the valve cover.

valve cover removalThe left side is a bit more work since the ignition coils are mounted directly on top.

  • Remove the spark plug wires.
  • Take off the electronic ignition control module nuts and bolts.
  • Remove the electronic ignition control module.
  • Disconnect the vacuum lines from the upper intake manifold.
  • Remove the valve rocker arm cover bolts.
  • Remove the valve rocker arm cover and gasket.