2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0l 4wd

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

How do I remove the Transfer case?

I have an 01 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ with a 242 transfer case. Need to get it out in order to remove the transmission. I have everything disconnected and all 6 nuts off but when I wiggle the transfer case to slide it off it wont budge.

Transfer Case Removal

1.Shift transfer case into NEUTRAL.
2.Raise vehicle.
3.Remove transfer case drain plug and drain transfer case lubricant.
4.Mark front and rear propeller shaft yokes for alignment reference.
5.Support transmission with jack stand.
6.Remove rear crossmember and skid plate, if equipped.
7.Disconnect front propeller shaft from transfer case at companion flange. Remove rear propeller shaft from vehicle.
CAUTION: Do not allow propshafts to hang at attached end. Damage to joint can result.

8.Disconnect transfer case cable from range lever.
9. Disconnect transfer case vent hose.
10.Support transfer case with transmission jack.
11.Secure transfer case to jack with chains.
12. Remove nuts attaching transfer case to transmission.
13. Pull transfer case and jack rearward to disengage transfer case.
14.Remove transfer case from under vehicle.