Bypass Tube 2001 Escape 3.0

2001 Ford EscapeI blew a hose that runs from the thermostat housing, auto places either swear its a vacuum hose ( theres a slice in it & antifreeze sprays out. When looking at the engine from the front, the hose is on the left of the thermostat & runs under the water pump pulley. This is the only car I have to take my husband to his chemo & dr appts, among other things. All I need to know is what hose it is, so I can either order one or get it from a junkyard. It feels like a short hose, but I haven’t removed the cover, belt & pulley yet. Can anyone please help?


Without seeing a picture it is difficult to know for certain but I am thinking the “Bypass Tube” may be what you are looking for.

Bypass Tube Location

bypass tube