How to clean battery terminal ends in 5 easy steps

My truck wont start. But when I tap the battery cables red post I get fire. Then when I try to start it, it just clicks and goes back to no fire. Help? It is a 1999 Ford Explorer Sport.


Sounds like you just need to do some cleaning. Remove the battery cable ends and clean the inside of the the cable ends. Also clean the outside of the battery terminal.

clean battery terminal endsClean battery terminal ends in 5 easy steps

  1. Pour hot water over the outside of the battery terminal. This will remove any unwanted corrosion (Works better than baking soda and a brush in my opinion).
  2. Remove battery terminal end from battery. Clean battery terminal ends on the inside with a tiny wire brush or tool. I like to use a pocket knife and scratch the surface area. Make sure all surface area has been cleaned.
  3. Clean the outside of the battery terminal. Use a wire brush or tool and clean the outside area of the terminal. Make sure all contact area is cleaned.
  4. Install battery terminal end in battery.
  5. Done! No need to coat the surface with anything.

Tip. Attach a battery charger or battery jump pack to the battery before removing the terminal ends. This will save the radio stations and time. I use a memory saver that plugs into the cigar lighter and has a 9-volt battery that attaches to it like this one.