2006 Nissan Frontier transmission cooler

 Nissan Frontier

Replacing the factory transmission cooler

So I was thinking about replacing the factory transmission cooler with an aftermarket trans cooler. I replaced transmission about 2 years ago. I do not want to burn this one up. Should I be doing something different?

Heat is the number one cause for transmission failure. You are thinking along the right lines as far as what can be done for precautionary measures.

You might want to consider making sure both your cooling fan relays are functioning properly as well. In conclusion there is a low and high fan relay.

How to check your cooling fan

The cooling fan will operate at low speed with the power being supplied through the low speed fan relay. Place the air conditioning to maximum and the High speed fan relay should kick in and supply the cooling fan with power. You should be able to see the fan speed increase since it is functioning properly.