Cooling Fans 2013 Volkswagen GTI

2013 VW GTI

Cooling fan stays on

Hello, thanks for your time. I have a 2013 VW GTI and whenever I turn it on, the radiator fan starts running, and it starts making a really loud noise. Imagine the noise as when you have a car in idle, and the fan starts for a while, and then it stops. Mine, on the other hand, keeps going and doesn’t stop until I turn off the car. Also, only one of the fans seems to be running, the one of the driver side, I haven’t seen or heard the smaller passenger side fan run. What could be the problem and what should i do?

It sounds to me like a relay is sticking. This would cause the fan to come on and stay on until power is cut from the relay(key is turned off). It would appear from looking at the wiring diagram of the cooling fan circuit the only relay would be the Motronic Engine Control Module Power Supply Relay. Check this first by simply removing it and seeing if the fan quits.

Cooling Fan Wiring Diagram 2013 VW GTI