Ford Escape foggy look

2001 Ford EscapeMy dashboard has this foggy/moisture look going on. I believe it is on the inside as a wipe of a finger does nothing. How can I clean/fix this? Or is this something with my defroster seeping in? FYI, car is still under warranty if it is some kind of leak. Thanks in advance!

If the car is under warranty you may be best served by contacting them and letting them know of the situation. They should let you know if this is something that is going to be covered under warranty. I would not touch it until you contact them.  If they decide not to cover it then you will need to dig into it deeper. Moisture on the inside is not very common. Disassembly may be required.

Foggy look

Generally the only thing that will create a foggy look is an evaporator core leaking. And this will create a foggy look on the inside of the windshield.